Offering individuals, students and businesses easy access to regenerative ventures reducing negative environmental impact. We promote ESG friendly projects which are accelerating innovative ways to restore the Land, Sea and Air.

ClimateForce is piloting Tropical Regen, a land management project in the world’s oldest rainforest, Daintree. Located in Far North Queensland, Australia we are working alongside Traditional Owners and the local community to restore 370 acres of wildlife corridor between mangroves and wet rainforest. Through the implementation of the project, we intend to produce a scalable blueprint for off-grid sustainable development, which can be adopted worldwide.


360,000+ Native Trees To Restore
45,000+ ACCU’s Carbon Credits
25+ Rural Job Opportunities
There is no one solution to heal our changing world. Below are projects and innovations creating postive impact around the world.


Electric Vehicle Charging- Solar, wind, hydrogen, public mobility

GIS mapping: Drone/ Lidar Technology


BlockChain reporting: Tree Data, ACCU’s, Soil Carbon



Rural Development: School Programs, New Jobs, Resilience, Industry Diversity, New Skills

First Nations Engagement: Capacity Building, Economic Opportunities, Jr Rangers

Recreation Access: Mental Health, Connection to Country, TO Guided Tours



Healthy Coastal Ecosystems: SDG 14 (marine)/15 (land) Daintree catchment & runoff, water source

Biodiversity Research: Working with Universities, PHD studies, Climate Mediation

ACCU Generation: Reporting, Blueprint for Future Projects, Long-Term Return

Consider volunteering on the Tropical Regen farm. We need your support collecting seeds, scaling out the nursery and cleaning up beaches and waterways. Get Involved