What does it take to reduce 360 million tons of CO2?



Born from a saga of Polar expeditions driving the preservation of Antarctica beyond the year 2041, ClimateForce is the global momentum to make sustainable development solutions accessible, relevant, and engaging.


We proved you can hike to the South Pole for 60 days surviving off renewable energy.


On January 15, 2018, Barney Swan met his father at the South Geographic Pole after 60 intense days of hiking. Their mission to conduct a polar expedition entirely on renewable energy was an extraordinary success.


The expedition was a world-first demonstration of cutting edge technologies robust enough to work in one of the harshest environments on earth.

The South Pole Energy Challenge

  • 1,500km over 60 days by foot

  • No heat or power from fossil fuels

  • No Showers

Challenging Everyone to be apart of taking action


We are building a coalition of the committed – from conservationists to corporations – who offset impact and reduce their ongoing footprint.


Connecting businesses to carbon-neutral models, green investment, employee incentives , and leadership expeditions.


Together we can rally behind solutions, big and small, to reduce 360 million tons worth of CO2 before 2025.


for a

Changing Climate

``The decisions we make right now - the next ten years - will determine the future for the next 10,000. Let’s get at it.”
- Sylvia Earle | Time Magazine 'Hero for the Planet' , marine biologist & explorer
Mobilize the reduction of 360 million tons of CO2 by 2025


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Barney Swan

Director of ClimateForce Challenge

Robert Swan

Founder, 2041 Foundation
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