Healthy Coastal Ecosystems: Daintree catchment runoff & water source protection

Healthy Coastal Ecosystems: Daintree catchment runoff & water source protection

The realities of our changing climate and the impact of major environmental hazards such as pollution, globalization, species loss, and poor agricultural practices pose an unprecedented threat to the future of our planet. Tropical ReGen will respond to a call for environmental action, seeking not only to protect the unique land of Far North Queensland, but also to support broader systems for planetary health. This project will empower citizens and businesses alike to feel part of practical solutions that support a culture of reducing harm to the environment.

The unique location of the Tropical Regen Property is situated between the Daintree Rainforest and the entrance to the Great Barrier Reef. Through reforestation, the property will strengthen the nature corridor that was previously cleared. Through improving riparian river systems, preventing erosion and acting as a filtration system for sediment and pesticide run off, this ensures water source protection. This is imperative to maintaining a healthy wetland ecosystem, which lines the southern side of the property.  

By connecting businesses, locals, and travelers with resource toolkits, we shall encourage reduced-harm practices which contribute to a more resilient future for the Great Barrier Reef. To support these efforts, we will run public advocacy programs focussing on water quality, beach clean-ups, reef restoration, nutrient load reduction, and GBR environmental protection standards. Tropical ReGen is situated right between the rainforest and the reef, which is why it is so important to restore this land and regenerate the ecosystem services that it provides. 

Contributing to the Daintree catchment, revegetation and strengthening of the encompassing land will play an important role in mitigating sediment and pesticide runoff, ensuring water source protection to the Great Barrier Reef and the coastal wetlands. Through virtual reality and other engaging media resources, we will take people to the wild corners of our reef, and make them feel connected to the thriving systems which await under the surface. Through potential collaboration with key stakeholders including the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Tourism Tropical North Queensland, Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, Parley Australia, Reef Restoration, and Tangaroa Blue, Tropical ReGen will encourage solutions around terrestrial and ocean health.

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