ACCU generation: Reporting, Blueprint for Future Projects, Long-term Return


ACCU generation: Reporting, Blueprint for Future Projects, Long-term Return

ACCU stands for Australian Carbon Credit Units. The ACCU‘s represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2-e) stored or avoided by a project. 

1 unit = 1 tone of sequestered carbon

By planting 360,000 trees,
ClimateForce will generate over 75,000+ ACCU’s

This massive feat is achieved through passionate volunteers and community members, donations of all sizes and dedicated ClimateForce employees. We hope that Tropical ReGen will act as a blueprint for future regeneration projects, where short term achievements result in long-term sustainable return.

One of the most important co benefits is the generation of ACCU’s (Australian Carbon Credit Units). The Tropical Regen property will apply for registration under the National Government’s Emission Reduction Fund. This fund allows large companies to trade Australian Carbon Credit Units generated through carbon sequestration initiatives, such as Tropical Regen—thereby creating a sustainable revenue stream that can facilitate future impact. The long term goal for the success of Tropical Regen, is to become a blueprint for future projects such as this. 

Once Tropical Regen is successfully established, ClimateForce has identified 24 additional properties in the surrounding region that could follow in Tropical Regen’s footsteps. Coupled with the reasoning that most carbon sequestration takes time to accumulate, makes this an investment for the future. The short, medium and long term benefits of successfully revegetating 370 acres with 360,000 native trees supports the goal of continuing the project on various other properties, increasing social, environmental, cultural and economic capital for the region. 


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ClimateForce is located in the heart of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Collaborating with the public, business leaders, Traditional Custodians and the student community, we boost positive story on trust-worthy conservation impact. Learn more about our story here.

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